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“Ala Print was an important platform that supported throughout by providing the right kind of resources.”

John T. Knight

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Marlo D. English

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Best Apps for Listening to the News

In this fast-paced world, it is tough to keep information about relevant news, and it is important that in this fast-paced world have a dependable place to look and stay updated with the world. Here a few apps which will help you stay focused and find the right news for you.

Apple News

Apple News is a preloaded in all iOS devices and is most likely Apple’s apps and is unavailable to android phones. The Apple new app places a big focus on the images which can have quick loading videos and the publications like National Geographic and The New York Times has made it easier to ensure that you have the right content available always for a wide range of topics from politics to other niches.

Apple News

Google News

Google news is a replacement for the Google News Stand, which is much more polished and smooth. Google Pulls news sources across all world platforms and presents it to you depending on your recent seen. You can easily start by saving story or downloading any specific publications to read and have the right recommendations to help you stay better in tune with your interests that you can use.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News, also known as MSN news offers a lightweight and easy to use to get the news you read quickly. Try to make sure that you are selecting the topics you are interested in which can allow you to stay interested in the topic. The main window allows the news app to switch from international to purely local topics. The choice of light and dark themes, breaking news alerts and sign-in synch can help allow you to enjoy the new that you works for you.

AP Mobile

AP mobile also called the Associated Press, covers news from all around the world with a huge team. There are dedicated reporters from all around the topics and trends to have a service companion which is free to utilize, allowing you to enjoy glitz and glamour which the other news services do not offer.

Microsoft News

The New York Times

Easily one of the world’s most popular news sources is the New York Times which allows you to look into the whole world’s status. It allows you to get the right features that you can find on other apps. There are many audio and video options that you can look into depending on the options. They are also quite forward thinking with the introduction of augmented reality which allows people to enjoy some of the best interactions for a few dollars every month. If you are looking to enjoy some games like crosswords, cooking and bonus publications, it will cost you $25.

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